ESC Laundry is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning pick up and delivery service. Once a customer places an order on the website (or over the phone), we will pick up the items based on the scheduled time provided and then deliver them to our closest laundromat partner. 

The Laundromat will contact us once the items are cleaned, we will collect the items and then deliver them to you. Once the driver completes delivery, you will receive a text message confirmation.

Pick ups and deliveries are done in accordance with the scheduling information provided when the order was placed. 

You can pay using the following:

  • Debit or Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

For returning customers, you will have the option to set up automatic billing by saving your payment details to your login account. 

ESC Laundry offers a mobile pick up and delivery service. We do not have a central location to facilitate this.

  1. Prepare your order by placing your laundry in a basket or laundry bag – garbage bags are also accepted. 
  2. Label your basket or laundry bags with your name and order number. You can also attach any additional instructions that was not included in your online order.
  3. Ensure that your basket or laundry bags are placed outside your door or left in the lobby during your pickup window selected.
Please ensure all pockets are empty!!! 

The minimum order size for the Wash and Fold option is 20 lbs. (9.07 kgs). If the order is below this weight, we will still accept the order, however, you’ll be charged for the minimum order size of 20 lbs. 

The Wash and Fold service is priced at $2.00 per lb + gst and the delivery fee.

Please check our price list for specified items not included in the pricing for Wash and Fold. If these items are accidentally included in your Wash and Fold order, they will be removed and priced separately according to the price listing on the website.

These specified items are normally washed and dried separately to follow their specific care instructions.

These items include, but are not limited to, bedroom items, household items, coats, jackets and dry cleaning. 

Our turnaround time for the Wash and Fold option is 2448 hours and five (5) days for Dry Cleaning.
This may vary depending on the customer’s location, size of order and weather conditions. Any delays will be communicated.
For Wash and Fold orders picked up on Saturdays, the earliest delivery date will be Monday. 
As with most delivery service companies, we offer a contactless system where pick ups and deliveries are completed without physical customer contact being required.
To facilitate this process we ask that orders are placed in an easily accessible and safe space. For customers in apartment buildings, please include instructions on how to access the building and where to collect and deliver the items. For customers who live in a house, if your front porch is not a secure area, you might want to consider leaving the order by the rear door.

There are currently two ways by which you can schedule a pick up:

  1. Through our website: https://esclaundry.ca
  2. By phone: (236) 795-0828